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General VIN information

• Polaris products have adopted and use the industry standard of a 17 digit VIN.

– The first 3 characters identify the manufacturer of the vehicle

– Digits 4-8: Are the vehicle attributes

– Digit 9: Is a check digit

– Digit 10: Is Model Year

– Digit 11: Is plant code

– Digits 12-17: Are sequential numbers

• All VIN and safety information labels can also be found in each product's owner manual in the “INTRODUCTION” section. This includes VIN locations and details description of safety labels.

• For units that are older than 1999 the VIN’s are 7 digits long. The 2nd and 3rd digits indicate the year. Often this information is explained in the owners manuals but was not found in every owners manual.

• If EU cannot find the VIN or only has only partial VIN, advise EU to continue looking and consult their local authorized dealer for help.

• **Frame rail = part of the units frame that is square

• **Frame tube = part of the units frame that is round or circular

ATV VIN Location

- Atv VINs stickers are generally located on the riders right side on the ATV.

- VIN stamps are generally located on the left front or rear fram rail.

Polaris ATV VIN Location

Ranger VIN Location

- Ranger VIN's generally are located on the lower front left hand side of the unit.

Polaris Ranger VIN Location

RZR VIN Location

- RZR 570/800/900/1000 VIN stickers are generally located on the front frame tube on the riders right side right next to the front right shock/spring.

- RZR 570/800/900/1000 VIN stamps are generally located on the rear frame tube near left rear tire.

Polaris RZR VIN Location

RZR VIN Location cont.

- RZR 170 VIN stickers are generally located in the riders left front wheel well on the fram tube.

Polaris RZR VIN Location Cont.

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